This repo contains the sources for basic SDK for the DM Calculator Platform (DMCP) along with the simple ‘Hello World!’ demo project

DMCP SDK sources are in the dmpc/ directory, if you want to upgrade your own program to current DMCP interface version you should copy the dmcp/ directory to your project.

README file contains basic instructions how to prepare your own building environment as well as the instructions how to turn this basic SDK project to your own one.

You can look at SDKdemo project (simple scientific RPN calculator) for more advanced project with keyboard handling, more sophisticated LCD printing, power management, build with Intel® Decimal Floating-Point Math Library, user defined menus and more.

For ultimate project which uses other aspect of the DMCP system (like system timers, bitmap printing to LCD or printing to IR printer) look at sources of the DM42PGM project.

At this time the only source of information about the use of DMCP system interface is based on the source code of DMCP programs.

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